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We need your help to build International Jobs that “Home OFWS” can do in the Philippines. If you have not read it already, review what OFWS.NET is all about at!

We are looking for ideas and suggestions on REAL ways to help Pinoys prosper in the Philippines!  To give to others so they can be Home OFWS too!If you are Pinoy and you hear the word Network (or Networking) you likely think of Multi-Level Marketing (or some scam disguised as marketing!)  But consider what Websters has to say…

Definition of NETWORK

1 : a fabric or structure of cords or wires that cross at regular intervals and are knotted or secured at the crossings
2 : a system of lines or channels resembling a network
3 a : an interconnected or interrelated chain, group, or system <a network of hotels> b : a system of computers, peripherals, terminals, and databases connected by communications lines
4 a : a group of radio or television stations linked by wire or radio relay b : a radio or television company that produces programs for broadcast over such a network
5 : a usually informally interconnected group or association of persons (as friends or professional colleagues)



OFWS.Net is a website intended to help Filipinos to either return home to the Philippines with their own business, or to return home to the Philippines sooner with a good job here, or to not leave the Philippines at all but to develop a good job in the Philippines.

For that last one, consider the term “Home OFWS!” These are OFWS who work “internationally” from physically within the Philippines! You may be surprised to learn that people have been actually doing this since the 1980’s at least! In 1987 I knew people who were working for studios making comics in Manila!   Transmitted digitally across an Internet type connection!

Today more and more Filipinos are learning to work for other companies, internationally, at home!

Help Us Help You!

We are looking for suggestions, ideas and plans to help others. Really, we want to find things that are REAL and that are really working, and we will review them and why they may be a success for you…


We have all heard about it… Are you looking to write a blog about OFWS? (Or anything else!)  Consider getting a domain name from Domains, I Love You! It is designed to help you, low budget business people, and bloggers, to be a success!

Let’s say for example you wanted to write a blog about Manila OFWS, you could Search Domains, I Love You! for the word Manila…

You would then see that is available!

You would also see that a lot of domain names are available starting with the word Manila!  These are called the Domains, I Love You! ~ Network!

Why Would I Want One of These?

Well, let’s look at this from the view of the small guy, you!  If you are a multi billion dollar corporation, this is not for you.  If you are in Internet professional (like I am) who is daily on the Internet and controls hundreds, thousands or tens of thousands of websites and domain names, this is also not likely for you (but it may be for you clients!).

So let’s take a look at the reasons a small to medium sized company would want one of these domains.

Do they Work the Same?

Absolutely! These domain names work identical to any other domain name on the Internet.

Compare to… They both have three segments, separated by two dots. On the Internet, they both do the same thing. How do I know, well, I was there when the whole thing was invented! So your domain will be working just the same a multi-billion dollar corporation.

These domain names work 100% identical to the one owned by PLDT – EXACTLY!

Can I Lose My Domain Name?

You have heard of the blogger that worked and worked for months, building a really great website or blog.  He even paid to have fliers made, business cards, letter head, and bought some advertising.  Although these are not 100% required, he did it anyway to get his home business going…

They stole my website…

All seemed well until one day a friend asks you what happen to your website.  You take a quick look and all you see is ads, links to someplace else.  You do some quick checking and find out someone else owns your website.  Your gut reaction…

They stole my website…

But actually, you forgot to renew the domain name. The very second it became available, some ad jockey registered it and all the work you had put into that domain name is now owned by him. I know, it doesn’t seem fair.

How does PLDT handle this?

Actually, it is quite simple, they pay a person to daily keep track of their domain names…

I don’t have P20,000 a month to pay someone for this…

That is pretty much exactly the point. With our perfectly good domain names you register once and forget it… You do not have to worry about something you need to do next year, or maybe ten years from now.

That is a huge advantage!

Yes, for the little guy it is a very huge advantage… plus a lower cost!

What size can my website be?

Well, the website size depends on what you do with the domain. Some businesses, like The Travel Book Co. only need a small website, that comes FREE! No monthly bills to pay. Even a medium website like, Dr. Myrle Lim-Peters D.M.D. built a nice medium sized website for her Cebu Dentist practice… still with the free interface!

The monthly hosting cost alone were more than Len & Lynne Hummel wanted to pay, so they combined two websites, to give them a larger platform for their information… So beyond the cost of the second one time domain fee, they pay nothing (no monthly or yearly fees) for their Clearlight Religious Website.

Add hosting and these domains could be as big as ABC News or CNN!

Can I Get it for FREE?

Yes, well, almost free!  Domains ~ I Love You! has a program to allow every domain owner to be a domain dealer!  So if you sell a few domains you can get yours for basically free!

You do not even have to sell 1,000 domain names or some ridiculous number like that…  Note even 100 or 40.  The truth is, if you only sell 5 domains you will have the cost of yours back already!

Can I Earn Money With This?


Are there any limitations?

Yes!  We have strict policies against SPAM, Pornography (any nudity or descriptions of sexual acts), Hate (but it is ok to disagree or present opposing views), or pretty much anything that is illegal in the Philippines!

Do those things and at our discretion we may choose to warn you or to take down your site.  For example, posting a “costume malfunction” (nudity) may get you a warning.  Posting child porn will likely result in your site being removed.

“Free” Domain Names

We have not even gotten into the dangers of using so called “free” websites for your business or blog domain name.

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